Sister Hate

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* Sister Hate

Beitrag von Predawn am Sa Nov 10, 2012 4:32 pm

J - Jini
P - Predawn

J: Hello I'm Sweetie bell and I want to play
P: Hello I'm Rarity and I have to work all day

J: So can I work with you and help you a lot?
P: So sorry I'm busy so please keep your mouth shut

J: Do you still hate me
P: I don't

J: Can you play with me
P: I can't

J: Can we do something right now?
J: You can

P: I can't
J: We can't

P: No Sweetie! What have you DONE?!
J: I just wanted to have fun!

P+J: I don't want to be your sister
just get out of my life!

J: Hello there Rarity I'm with Applejack

P: I'm so sorry but may I have my sister back
J: I'm not your sister anymore I have said

P: But Sweeite Belle-
J: No, Un-sis! Now to me, you're dead!

P: I'll promise to be nicer
J: I don't believe you liar!

P: How 'bout we do something else
J: Doing what YOU want, yeah right...

P: How 'bout we'll race together
P: In the Sisterhooves Social?
J: You can forget that offer
I don't want you anymore!

J: Racing with Apple Jack was really fun
P: I need to tell that I was Apple Jack all along

J: Why were you racing with me tell me, why?
P: Cause someone told me that being sisters is like Apple Pie

J: That doesn't make any sense, cause I thought that you hated me
P: Don't say those words Sweetie Bell, I love you and I hope you love me

J: If that is true what you said, can you come home and play with me
P: I'll agree to that offer

P+J: You're my sister, you and me
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