Asterfang [Warriors]

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* Asterfang [Warriors]

Beitrag von Predawn am Mi März 06, 2013 8:46 pm

of DarkClan

Pelt: Tortoiseshell
Eyes: blue/Eyes: Sea-green/Eyes: aqua/Eyes: Yellow-Green/Eyes: vivid aqua
I am a very long furred she-cat with round, wild eyes and a round face with a snub nose. I am impatient with other cats and can be overly critical of them, but I am loyal to the Warrior Code to the very end.
I am a coarse-coated she-cat with exotic-looking eyes and a light, bouncy spring to my walk. I can be really rude and put my foot in my mouth a lot, but I never tell a lie.
I am a very long furred she-cat with determination in my eyes.

My best friend mysteriously vanished.
A cat who is jealous of me is trying to kill me.
My sister was killed by a badger.
♣ Das Oberhaupt

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