Curse me

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* Curse me

Beitrag von Predawn am Sa Dez 20, 2014 7:15 pm

Get lost, you're just getting in my way
Why do you keep fighting me everyday?
I have a dream, I'm not giving up
Spreading my wings, flying to the top

But there you are, giving a chase
That knife in your hand, a metal blade
You're trying to cut my wings
Not letting me see what my future brings

I despise you, I hate you, you're my bitter enemy
Nobody knows what you've done to me
It's too much, let me go
(I can't handle the pressure, now let me go)

Get out of the way, I'm spreading my wings
I'm reaching out, I'm climbing to the top
I can do it, I'll win
But there are you, making me stop

Do you hate me that much?
Tell me, what did I ever do?
I won't become like you

So, here I am. Fight me now
This time, don't put up a show
I've had enough of you're lies
I'll never listen to your lullabys

Never again.

So tell me, am I really your daughter?
Born, raised and now left to slaughter?
Well, curse me for wanting to be me
Curse me for trying to break free

There's nothing left to say
So just let me go, let me go my way
♣ Das Oberhaupt

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